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We come in with a blueprint for our lives that get lost in the layers of accumulated emotional baggage and misguided cultural values and so we lose the real truth of who we are- our perception of our lives and ourselves becomes distorted by unnecessary pain. Spiritual counselling cuts through the dross to reveal the truth of who we really are, exposing our responsibility for the lives we have chosen and the necessity and importance of ‘just doing it’.  As the layers of muck start to break away, the rigidity we have been frozen in releases happiness and joy and a sense of possibility and the recognition of the part one plays in the bigger picture – our lives are not just our own. It is at times painful but very rewarding and has changed my life and continues to do so.

Zeb B - Diploma of Spiritual Counselling


Every aspect of my life has been enriched by learning from Ian and Pearl Rogers and the Sphinx Community.  The support and encouragement to grow, thrive and shine are wonderful.  Life is more challenging and a tad scary at times, but so much fun and I know what I do changes people’s lives for the better.  I know each year I’m a more loving person.  Thank you. 

Sonia T – What I love about engaging with the Mediums, Counsellors and Teachers at Sphinx Spiritual is that there’s a no-nonsense approach, straight down the line experience, uniquely delivered with care and heart. Ian’s readings are uniquely and refreshingly fact laden with precise answers to question. As a Spiritual growth teacher, he is provocative and gentle – I’ve never felt so much genuine support. Pearl’s counselling takes you exactly where you ask, and includes a dose of accountability along with nourishing smiles – supporting choices with homoeopathy is a bonus. Expect challenges, expect choices, expect the discomfort present when truly big growth is about to unleash. Listen hard and take notes – but only book in if you are genuinely interested in truth and substance (no airy-fairy here!)"
Julia S - Mediumship Training

Having been involved with Sphinx over the past 5 years, this organisation has truly enhanced my life. In a supportive, loving environment, I have been able to work through past hurts and have been given guidance and a clear set of values that are fail proof in every situation. I have been able to break down some of the barriers we build in order to protect ourselves, revealing a more loving, nurturing self – which I know is only the tip of the iceberg. With access to such amazing universal knowledge, I have learnt so much more at Sphinx, than during my many years at school and university combined, which has helped to set me up for a future that looks bright and is bursting with love. We are consistently challenged to be the best possible versions of ourselves, in order to strive to restore harmony on earth. An absolute privilege to be a part of, I feel so supported and loved by a like-minded community of beautiful spirits. 

Nicola P - Mediumship Training

Dear Ian and Pearl: Thank you so, so much for the opportunity to take part in the Love Conference in Vietnam! The work that goes into creating such a unique environment to work and learn in is awesome! It has now given me information & tools for self-acceptance & love to share and a much deeper connection with my guides! The meditations were incredible & I have come back feeling energized and determined. I know now how important it is for me to work hard for my future! Plus the pleasure of being in paradise in Vietnam is incredibly amazing! So deep and heartfelt thanks to you both and Council for making it all possible. 

Loretta T - Mediumship Training

Betsy-Sue C – I believe that when I pass, I will look back and know that finding Sphinx Spiritual was the single most significant thing to happen in my very full, happy and love filled life where I achieved more than I ever thought possible. Ian, Pearl and the council are the best gift every person seeking their best selves could hope for. Thank you for the truth and all the love xx 

Betsy-Sue C - Diploma of Spiritual Counselling

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