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Sphinx Spiritual

Sphinx Spiritual is an organisation providing knowledge, education and training with Spiritual intent.

Spiritual Philosophy

From the time that mankind existed there has been conflict, bloodshed and wars, with a lot of grief caused through man’s relentless push for power and material wealth.

The history of earth shows many periods of troubled times, but there have also been many periods of enlightened times. Nonetheless, man has not evolved far in learning to live without conflict and war.

Primarily this lack of evolution is caused through a belief of some people that they are superior to others and are therefore entitled to a greater share of the property and wealth on earth.

Earth is currently entering a period of spiritual enlightenment and it is time for selected people to show the way on how to live with equality, shared values and a desire for each person to lead their own life a little better, without the need to judge others so much.

In simple terms this is a spiritual philosophy which we believe can be achieved through an increase of love on the earth and a decrease of greed, jealousy and envy.

The work of Sphinx Spiritual is guided by Crazy Horse and he and those entities who work with him aim to promote and increase the presence of these spiritual values on earth. This will lead to an increased level of harmonious relationships on earth.

This is the spiritual philosophy of Sphinx Spiritual and its related business, Spiritual Intent.

Our Directors

Ian & Pearl Rogers

Both Ian & Pearl are world class mediums and in this life, actively began the search of their spirituality in their early twenties, in different parts of the world.

They came together and pursued their mediumship at the same time, which has led them to ongoing work, self-development and specialization.  Ian focussed his effort on Mediumship and Trance Mediumship, whilst Pearl focussed her efforts on Mediumship and Homoeopathy.

The use of Trance Mediumship has been the method by which they have been able to bring forward all of the knowledge, which forms the material for their teaching.

Both of them have developed their knowledge and ability to work within the mind and body, through both Mind Alignment and Spiritual Surgery. 

They have committed their lives to proving themselves ready for a difficult Spiritual journey, one in which they are committed to begin a Spiritual Renaissance showing the world its interconnectedness, not only to other people but also to other places of existence and a way forward in dealing with and living life differently.

They are equally purposeful and honest.  In doing their spiritual work they perform with integrity and accuracy.

In order to achieve and imbed the knowledge for an ongoing Spiritual Renaissance they rely upon their motto of, ‘We nurture and teach.’ 

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Our Brands

Sphinx Spiritual operates a number of brands and modalities employing its spiritual principles through healing modalities, education, training and services:


Hahnemann Healing

Emotional Healing from Ancient Egypt

Spiritual Counselling

Training and certification for the Diploma of Spiritual Counselling

Spiritual Counselling.png

Personal Harmony

Authentic online values based relationship matching

Aspiration Homoepathic Clinic

Pearl Rogers

Classical qualified Clinical Homoeopath. AROH registered.
Spiritual Counsellor and Psychotherapist


Organisational Harmony

Values based organisations

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