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Parenting Spiritually

Parenting Spiritually is a comprehensive approach to parenting which will help parents from pre-conception to well into their child’s adulthood.  It is parenting children a new way, not based upon the way you may have been parented, rather based on what your child needs at different points in time.


The knowledge is available in book form, via workshops or both.

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Imagine that each child is an individual, with an individual reason for coming to earth, a place of existence accepted as being difficult to live on.


Imagine that in order to help the child achieve what they came to earth for, they were given their parents to help or hinder them on their journey.


Imagine that apart from the earliest stages of life on earth the child was not dependent upon the parent for instruction on how to live their life.


Imagine a world where the parent recognized the independence of their child and vowed to parent in a way to help the child achieve what they came to earth for.


Imagine a world full of parents prepared to pay the price of inconvenience by making parenting decisions based on the needs of the child.


Imagine what the world would be like then……………….


Accreditation as a Spiritual Parenting Coach & Trainer


Sphinx Spiritual teaches information relating to parenting under the banner of ‘Parenting Spiritually.’ ( This allows people to be accredited to teach Parenting Spiritually and to act as a Parenting Coach to individuals or groups.


To be eligible to train as a Parenting Coach and Trainer, a person has to have undertaken the four day Parenting Course by an existing Parenting Trainer and then undergo the further three day Coach and Trainers course, which is conducted by Ian Rogers.


An accredited Trainer/Coach can teach and practice as follows:


  1. Teach the four day course.

  2. Teach components of the four day course.

  3. Practice as a Parenting Coach with individuals and groups..



Apart from teaching the entire four day Parenting Spiritually course, Trainers can also teach the following components of the course:

  1. Pre-conception to 3 months of age

  2. 3 months of age to 4 years.

  3. Primary School age.

  4. Teenagers.

  5. Step parents.



Coaching parents using the Parenting Spiritually information can take place with individuals or groups at all stages of the parenting cycle.  The purpose of coaching is to deal with specific issues parents are facing with their children.

Sphinx Spiritual sees that parenting coaches/trainers will naturally fill the void of information and support available to pre-parents and parents at all stages of the parenting cycle, providing parents with an ongoing system of support and knowledge.

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