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Relationship Training

A relationship is two people making a commitment to share their lives so as to help each other better achieve their purpose on earth this time.’

Relationships must have a deep commitment to each other to share the purpose of the journey.  You must have a burning desire to achieve this together.  If the journey is not shared then both people are unhappy.

Relationships, like parenting, come with little guidance or understanding of what is required to form and keep a relationship.  Even those people with failed relationships do not learn all of the lessons from the failure and repeat their mistakes in subsequent relationships.

Our relationship workshops are suited to either couples or individuals wanting to understand what a real relationship is and to give a future relationship the best opportunity to work.  Amongst other things, we teach the differences between men and women, the different needs in a relationship, how best to work to make your particular relationship work and how to understand what went wrong in any previous relationship.

These workshops are instructive, thought provoking and action oriented.  You will leave with the knowledge of what you need to do, with the rest up to you.

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