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Sphinx Spiritual has been a story in the making since Ancient Egypt, where the knowledge from the Schools of Learning (Mystery Schools) was always going to be made available to the world again. That time has arrived.

This is being done through Ian & Pearl Rogers, Principal Mediums and Directors of Sphinx Spiritual, who were present (in a previous incarnation) at the Schools of Learning and who have progressed their spiritual knowledge through time.

The primary purpose of Sphinx Spiritual is as an Educational Facility, with its main function to teach Mediumship and Spiritual Counselling to people who have the desire and will to directly help others. 


Ian and Pearl teach from knowledge learned in Ancient Egypt, a variety of forms of healing, both physical and emotional.  Healing qualifications vary from introductory level to extremely advanced including spiritual surgery within the body and mind.

Sphinx Spiritual is an organisation which ethically teaches spiritual knowledge from both the Spiritual World and the Greater Universe at an elite level.

The function of Ian & Pearl as Directors of Sphinx Spiritual is to bring forward knowledge which will help people advance themselves on earth and to establish a base of knowledge and teaching that will survive long after they pass.

Ian and Pearl teach people who are intent on changing themselves, to gain spiritual knowledge and ability, living accordingly and to pass that onto others.


Diploma of Spiritual Counselling

Spiritual Counsellors are trained to have a thorough understanding of human behaviour, the reasons for that behaviour and how it fits into the framework of spiritual values.The Counsellor uses these values to guide their client, which quickly allows the client a better understanding of themselves and those around them in their life.

The Diploma of Spiritual Counselling is offered as as a 15 month course, providing face to face tuition at the Sphinx Spiritual School of Learning. On completion of the unit requirements, graduates are qualified as Spiritual Counsellors for private practice or within Counselling organisations. 15 hours of professional development is required annually for accreditation renewal for each practitioner.

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Mediumship Training

Mediumship is an art that has been learned and performed for thousands of years by a select few.

Whilst it is a skill that is brought forward from previous lives, it cannot be performed at its optimum without proper instruction and training.

Mediums believe that whilst on earth the energy inside a person which is called their spirit can communicate with entities existing in the spirit world. Mediums receive this information from their guide within the spiritual world and pass it on to their client. Trained mediums do this energetically and do not use any tools.

Spiritual Developmental Circles have been in operation for hundreds of years in modern history and date back to Ancient Egypt and the Schools of Learning, which were conducted in the Great Pyramids and protected by the Sphinx.

Hahnemann Healing Training

Hahnemann Healing  is a powerful method of dealing with emotions, which often lie behind illness.  These emotions occur as a result of negative thoughts and feelings towards events that have happened in a person’s life. 

Concomitant Healing Training

 A powerful physical healing modality. This healing is designed to not only increase the flow of energy through the body but also to release the points of tensions within the muscular structure where the emotional issues are trapped.

Relationship Training

Our relationship workshops are suited to either couples or individuals wanting to understand what a real relationship is and to give a future relationship the best opportunity to work.  These workshops are instructive, thought provoking and action oriented.  



A comprehensive approach to Parenting which will help parents from pre-conception to well into their child’s adulthood.  It is parenting children a new way, not based upon the way you may have been parented, rather based on what your child needs at different points in time.


Mediumship Readings

Find out more about Mediumship training or find an accredited Medium to book a reading

Homoeopathic Medicine Clinic

Contact Aspiration Homoeopathic Medicine Clinic here



Find out more about Spiritual Surgery, view case studies, or inquire here



Read more or inquire about Mind Alignment here


Sphinx Spiritual provides many opportunities for learning with events, workshops, training and education across many of the modalities offered through its School of Learning.

Weekly meditations, bimonthly presentations as well as a range of workshops and training events are held at the Mornington School of Learning.

Sphinx Spiritual also hosts a range of international conferences each year.

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