Spiritual Counselling

*Our next Spiritual Counselling course begins on June 3rd, 2017*


Taught by Pearl Rogers, with information provided by two members of the Sphinx Spiritual Council of entities, namely, (Samuel) Kristian Hahnemann and Sigmund Freud, this 18 month course provides a complete package of information and skills for the new or experienced Counsellor.  The information provided is ground breaking and the effect upon the counsellor is profound.  It is taught on weekends to allow busy  people the opportunity to attend.

Pre requisite training is not required, however, selection on a course is dependent upon a successful interview with Pearl.


Counselling is generally regarded as a method of helping people understand what is happening in their life, to give clarity and to find a way forward.  This is not always done by addressing either the issue or the repeating issue that has led to the problem.  It takes into account only what is happening at the current time and it relies heavily on the client being able to come up with solutions to their own problem.

Spiritual Counselling is designed to help people in a very different way.  It will set out to trace the behavioural patterns to their origin in life, to give them a context and to offer the person an option to break free of these patterns.

It will allow the client to understand their own contribution to the issues in their life.  It will take them beyond the immediacy of the mind and help them understand the higher purpose for which they have come to earth this time.

It will assist the client to identify what they need in their life in order to grow and be fulfilled.  It will allow them to understand the reasons for being in the relationships they are and to decide what they want to do about that.

Spiritual Counselling will give people an in depth understanding of themselves and will clearly show them what action is required to improve their life and the love in their life.

Spiritual Counselling is designed to act quickly so that people can experience the joy of discovery of a different way of living.  This helps stop reverting to past patterns of behaviour.

Spiritual Counselling is not for those people who want to remain in a state of pity.  It is only for those who genuinely want to improve their life at an emotional level.  It is healing, it is helpful, it is concerting and uplifting.

Course Agenda

Day 1 & 2. Introduction to study and course, Introduction to Spiritual Counselling, Understanding Honesty, Understanding Manipulation.

Day 3 & 4. The Brain, Mind and the Nervous System

Day 5 & 6. The Role of Karma, the Role of Genetics, In The Womb, Human Development, spiritually up to 2 years.

Day 7 & 8. Human development, spiritually, 2 years to 15 years, 15 years to 25 years.

Day 9 & 10. Childhood Violence

Day 11 & 12. Chilhood Violation

Day 13 & 14. Conditions from the Mother, Conditions from the Father

Day 15 & 16. The Impact of Stepparents

Day 17 & 18. The High Achiever, The Low Achiever, The Indecisive Person.

Day 19 & 20. Relationship Issues, Staying in a Broken Relationship

Day 21 & 22. Expressing Your Needs, Loss/Grief/Suicide

Day 22 & 24. Anger Management, Self Fulfillment, Failed Expectations, Building a New Expectation

Day 25 & 26. Dying Spiritually, Privacy Act/Ethics/Legals

Day 27 & 28. Review/practicals

Day 29. Exam

Day 30. Diploma presentation

Spiritual Counselling Specialisation Courses:

Specialisation courses are only available to graduates of the Diploma course. Courses in 2016 include:

– Domestic Violence

– Relationships

– Ageing

– Adopted Person’s

For more information or to enrol in this course, contact jemimah@sphinxspiritual.com or call Jemimah Rogers on 0402 679 526.