Meditation Classes

Spiritual meditation taught at Sphinx is different to most forms of meditation.  Instead of slowing your energy down to find a quiet place and tap into your higher self (knowledge brought forward from previous lives), we increase your energy, allowing you to contact your guide and receive knowledge and wisdom from the spiritual world.

This is an entirely different experience and is akin to the total sensory experience of being at the movies, where you see, hear and feel the information given, thus enhancing the learning.  The meditation is not about being still, but obtaining answers in your life.

All meditations are guided, therefore increasing your ability to receive information.  It is normal to experience a feeling of peace and clarity after a meditation class.

Meditation classes are conducted in Mornington (Victoria, Australia) for both groups and individuals. They are scheduled to coincide with the school terms and bookings are not needed.

Download meditations from online store or order them on CD. The meditations are guided and each one relates to a different topic, including a series of three meditations specifically for teenagers.

Our meditation class is held every Tuesday 9.30am – 10.30am.

Cost: $15 per class

Address:  MIP 21/1140 Nepean Highway, Mornington

For more information contact or call Jemimah Rogers on 0402 679 526