Deep Trance Mediumship Nights

This is the pinnacle of the work conducted by Sphinx Spiritual as it goes to the core of the business: providing an elite level of spiritual knowledge to help people live their lives better. Attendance at these nights is insightful and deeply moving and the level and extent of information provided is uplifting.

Within some mediums, there is a capability to bring forward information from the spiritual world in a direct form, without human interference. In its purest form this is called Deep Trance Mediumship, which is performed by only a few.

Ian has specialised in Deep Trance Mediumship, an art rarely performed in today’s world. Facilitated by Pearl, regular monthly Deep Trance Nights are held which are open to people wanting an opportunity to enhance their spiritual knowledge and accelerate their growth. They are occasions to obtain knowledge, otherwise unattainable on earth, which will directly impact upon your life.

If you are unable to attend in person you can download the session from the Online Store a week post the event or purchase a CD recording which can be collected or posted.

The cost of attending these nights is $50 and $20 for a recording (either as a CD or downloadable link).

Please see our ‘2017 Events’ page to find details of the next night.

For more information contact or call Jemimah Rogers on 0402 679 526