About Us

Ian Rogers

Ian has a strong spiritual background having devoted himself to this line of study and work for approximately 25 years. Ian works privately with individuals to help them in their private and corporate life.  His corporate background aids his work with groups and business organizations helping to bring spiritual values into the work place. Ian works publicly conducting workshops and international spiritual forums as well as sharing his rare gift as a Deep Trance Medium. He has a strong understanding of how to bring spiritual values into a person’s daily life.

Ian has taught mediumship for in excess of 22 years, working with his guide, (who when last on earth was an American Indian called Crazy Horse), making his teachings strong, direct, wise and passionate. His commitment is to bringing an elite level of spiritual knowledge to earth, teaching people how to apply it to their daily lives.

Pearl Rogers

Pearl’s spiritual learning commenced in England in the 1970’s.  She is also an experienced Health Care Professional, having successfully operated a health clinic as a Homoeopath, Psychotherapist and Clinical Hypnotist for many years.

Homoeopathic medicine is a specialist study, with homoeopathic medicines prescribed by a skilled practitioner, acting upon the emotional causes of illness. Combined with the use of psychotherapy, Pearl has accumulated extensive experience (in excess of 23 years) in addressing people’s mental and emotional needs. These skills and experiences readily blend with a long history as a medium. Each skill brings strength to and compliments the other skills.

Working with her guide (who when last on earth was a person called Samuel Kristian Hahnemann, who prefers to be called Kristian) Pearl is a committed, strong and passionate medium, renowned for the clarity of her messages. She works publicly and privately with people, specializing in teaching mediumship, spiritual counseling and working with Ian running spiritual conferences. Pearl has a knowledge of the spiritual world and its application to daily living, that is unsurpassed.

Jemimah Rogers

Jemimah is the daughter of Ian and Pearl Rogers and is the Administration Officer at Sphinx Spiritual. She is currently training as a medium herself and is in charge of the administration and marketing of all Sphinx Spiritual events.